The idea is to have the ability to sort emails in the timeline of entities like Accounts, Contacts or Opportunities based on the date that they have been received/sent. At the moment, the tracked emails will be sorted based on the date of creation in Dynamics 365 (the date that they have been tracked), but this creates a very bad overview of the activities and it works counter productive.

This only works when every user always tracks all their e-mails, because when an email from (e.g.) 2018 is tracked, it will still be put on the top of the timeline, instead of where it belongsā€¦ lower down on the date that it was actually received. When a user decides he/she wants to track several older e-mails, it will create a mess in the timeline, as all those emails (no matter how old) will appear on the top of the timeline in Dynamics 365.

So that's why I am suggesting the ability to sort all e-mails based on the date that they have been received/sent. Then we can clean up the messy timelines for all customers and actually deliver on the promise of 'seemless integration' between Dynamics 365 and Outlook :)

Thank you!
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