When an operator performs a sale on MPOS\CPOS they add the customer account to the transaction and perform the sale however if they have received an item as a gift and they need to swap the item; the operator scans the receipt selects the item to refund; this then updates the basket to the person that made the original purchaser rather than retaining the original customers information that the operator set.

Currently I have a customer that is viewing this issue as a GDPR issue and becomes very problematic within seasonal periods where gift are required to be swapped due to varying clothing sizes. As the operator doesn't always have time to validate the address due to high volumes of customers they often do not realise that the Customer account in the basket has changed from what they originally specified. This can then have knock on effects with the data being integrated from F&O into other systems.

I would suggest potentially adding a field at the store level to be able to select the behaviour of the account in the basket for refunds.
Option 1: Retain customer account - If a Customer account is specified within the basket transaction the account on the transaction will not be populated unless the customer account on the basket is unpopulated.
Option 2: Prompt account selection - Allow the operator to select which customer account they wish to utilise in the transaction between the refunding customer account or the current customer account.
Option 3: Use customer account from the returned order - When the return is processed the customer account in the return will be utilised and the existing customer account in the basket will be over written.