Basically D365 offers a solution for a partial release of production order quantities (Release on PO > General tab > released quantity). The field description is as follows:
Use this option to release raw materials for a partial quantity of the production or batch order quantity. For example, for a production order of ten pieces where you plan to produce only two pieces for the coming period you can use this option to limit the release of raw materials to the ten pieces of finished goods that you plan to produce.
So far so good. The thing is that this option does not work correctly. When you do this partial release the related wave and work will consider the full quantity and not, if desired, the partial quantity. So this is not a fully new idea. This is more a very important funcionality which should really work well in future. I think many manufacturers all over the world would need this.
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Thank you for your feedback. We would like to get a better understanding of the business impact you are here seeing. Can you provide some elaboration?


Johan Hoffmann

PM, Microsoft



Correction: this option is for the limitation of the release of raw material to the two pieces of finished goods that you plan to produce.

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