Employees often return to benefits self service to adjust their plan selections or change their options for a life event. If plans have been confirmed, the system will grey out the 'Add to cart' option on self service. However, for plans that were not selected before, the system will hide the 'Add to cart' option behind an ellipsis. The formatting for the action options vary between the plans/options when the system should be consistent.

This could cause extra work on the HR benefits administrator if they have to make backend changes or reset the options for employees that missed the ellipsis.
For the employees themselves, they could incorrectly select their benefit options because the page was not accessible for them. Some employees are visually impaired and may not see the "...". This is problematic if they do not know to click on the ellipsis or even see it. We would not want employees to miss out on healthcare because the system is not accessible. Not all users are technologically savvy, many are older and even slight changes in the format can be very overwhelming while selecting something significant as health benefits.
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Thank you for your suggestion. After careful consideration, we’ve decided not to proceed with this functionality at this time. This posting is provided “as is” with no warranties, and confers no rights.