Adding an approved purchase requisition line to an existing unconfirmed PO would address the following scenarios:

  1. The Buyer overlooked the approved requisition line when the PO was created.

  2. A minimum PO amount is required to receive a discount with the vendor.

The addition of this functionality would eliminate potential confusion with vendors as it would reduce the number of POs directed to them.  Furthermore, it would reduce internal effort required to receive the goods, process invoices and follow-up on any issues that arise.

This function should be added to the Release approved purchase requisitions list page.  During the process, D365 would need to compare the accounting date on the requisition line to the PO.  If these differ, the user should be asked if they wish to proceed using the accounting date already on the PO header.

Similarly, it would make sense to be able to “pull” an approved purchase requisition line into a PO.  The PO would have a function where the Buyer would see all the approved purchase requisition lines available to add to the PO.  The accounting date comparison and notification would be performed as identified above.

Under Review
Ideas Administrator

Thank you for your feedback. This is a great suggestion! We will consider this in our roadmap.



Mai Kirknel

PM, Microsoft 



The inability to enter a requisition, flow it to workflow and have the system automatically update and existing purchase order would be a tremendous benefit to Walker County.  Change orders are issued multiple times a day and a give purchase order may be updated numerous times.

Now our process is to have the user enter a requisition for the requested increase. We are a public sector client and must have a series of documented approvals for the increase.  Once all the approvals are approved electronically, the purchasing agent then 'cancels' the purchase requisition and then manually changes the purchase orders.  Vendor DO NOT want multiple purchase orders numbers, they usually demand the same number stay in place.  When annual bids are approved, the vendors enter the annual PO in their system. 

Again, please consider this.  Greatly needed and would be greatly appreciated.

Category: Procurement and sourcing


Our users would like this feature to be able to “pull” an approved purchase requisition line into a PO as well. 

Category: Procurement and sourcing


These features are often requested by our customers. i am not sure how it would integrate with workflows, but it would be a very nice feature ease the buyer's job.

Category: Procurement and sourcing