Description of the problem: There are no data entities that reference the Affordable Care Act (ACA) forms available in the D365 HR UI. The User can access Affordable Care Act forms, including the Affordable Care coverage group form, Worker Affordable Care coverage form, and Affordable Care coverage form, via the UI, but there are no existing data entity that references these forms.

Here are the navigation paths to access the Affordable Care Act forms in the UI:

Affordable Care coverage group: Benefits Management workspace > Links > Affordable Care coverage group
Worker Affordable Care coverage: Benefits Management workspace > Links > Worker Affordable Care coverage
Affordable Care coverage: Personnel Management workspace > Select Worker > Benefits tab on Action Pane > Affordable Care coverage

Without data entity coverage, there are three key business impacts:
1. Users are unable to export or import the data points that are included in the ACA forms
1. Users are unable to reference a data entity for Integration Scenarios, such as passing ACA data to benefit providers
1. Users are unable to reference a data entity for Migration Scenarios, such as migrating from D365 HR to F&O after the applications merge
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