We need a scriptable (fx. PowerShell) API for LCS. It needs to work on all project types, also T1.
Prioritized list of funtions needed

1. Start environment
2. Stop environment
3. Environment provisioning
4. Upload Asset artifacts
5. Apply updates
6. Deallocate environment
7. Delete environment
Needs Votes



I would add for any possible task on LCS an API. i.e.today we had to be able to perform data movement activities on LCS as some milestones of project implementation required it. But due to the fact that LCS is down the planning of week is affected seriously. Having standalone, isolated and robust API for every single task on LCS would help us to get independent from the LCVS as an application and reduce the criticality of the LCS self.
The key is that every API should be implemented and act "standalone".

Category: Lifecycle Services