The active position detail record and the active position hierarchy record should be closed (ended) when a position is retired.
Currently when retiring a position (from 'Change position' resp. 'Terminate worker') the position duration retirement date is updated. The position worker assignment end date is updated from the change position resp terminate worker functionality.
But the position detail record and the position hierarchy record remain open.
This causes a mess in data.
And for positions with other positions reporting to them, it causes them to remain in the org.diagram, floating around in the top of the diagram as 'Open positions'. Eventhough the position has been retired - even if the positions reporting to this position have been retired. As long as the report to record is still alive it will appear in the org.diagram.
Microsoft support tells me that it is behavior requested by other partners. But then make a parameter for whether position details and position hierarchies should be closed as well when retiring a position, please.
Currently it is massive extra work put on the customer who wants to keep his data nice and tidy.
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As pointed out on Yammer by Tom Elliott, closing the position detail record will cause a problem in the inactive position form.
I still belive the nice and clean data will be to close the position detail record as well - and then change the inactive position list to show the position detail information as of latest retirement date of the specific position.

Category: General