CRM App for Outlook makes it hard to the case or opportunity you want set regarding.

1) If your sending an email, there is no way to set regarding from outlook.  You have to wait until it's sent then go back into you sent item, then manually have to lookup the case/opportunity you want to regarding it to (see below).  Idea; show the addin when sending an email

2) If you receive an email, it only shows a few recent cases or recent opportunities, which force you to search for them (see below).  Idea: show all of the cases/opportunities for the contact

3) When you search for case/opportunities there is no "My Records Only" option.  Idea;  have a "My Records Only" option

4) The search results have the title of the cases/opportunities truncated, virtually making it impossible to select the correct case/opportunity.  Idea; bring back the lookup dialog or add these feature to the search




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Category: Email Management and Outlook Integration