The batch job administration is of another era in D365FO and the source of many frustrations form IT and business teams as it appears to be unreliable and source of wrong informations: for example

the parameters do not show the query designed and attached to job, but the last one applied to it. We should be able to distinguish learly the query used for a specific instance of a batch Job and compare it to the query now attached to the root job. Also, the parent/child relationships and dependancies in the constraints should offer a more consistent behavior so the teams can rely safely on their use. Batch jobs are key to offer the productivity D365FO is selling to its users. It should be one of its strongest assets.




@ product group, please see the excellent https://erconsult.eu/blog/batch-jobs-in-d365-a-russian-roulette/ from Eugen Glasow to that regard, I am sure you will get good inspiration from it to improve that

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