Dear Microsoft,

I am working with a potential customer who is specializing in selling car parts, both b2b and b2c.

The client is especially interested in digital marketing, and requires an overview of ad campaign spending. Preferably across platforms like Facebook, Google, Bing, Linkedin. Example of campaigns can be search campaigns, display campaigns, shopping campaigns. You also have different typs of ads like image ads, lead generation ads, twitter ads, etc.

I know Hubspot has a ad campaign manager in their CRM solution, where the customer can create engagement ads, SEM, PPC and SEO (Google and Bing). The customer requires one dashboard where he can monitor costs and spending and see how the various campaigns are performing.

It seems Marketing only allows social posting and you can get some insights from website interactions through javascript and channel engagement through redirect URLs, but as far as I can see, it is not possible to plan and execute digital campaigns in Real-time Marketing, yet. Thus, inbound Marketing seems a little limited. How can we get a better overview of the cost and benefit of digital marketing in Marketing?

Are there any plans for an advertising platform in Real-time Marketing, or are there some ways to integrate 3rd party programs to Marketing in order to get the one place to go to for all?

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