1. Not possible to search in the lists, by name. You have to scroll in the list and choose.
2. It’s mandatory to see solutions, otherwise you can’t continue. In old LCS the solutions showed up simultaneously, we prefer it that way.
3. Information about country should be default from customer.
4. The person who enter the case but the main contact is another colleague, with his phone-number. In the mail generated from LCS the name is Hi "the person who enter the issue"…. In old version you had one Main contact with that persons contact information (also name, not only the e-mail-address).
5. Sometimes issues disappear in the list, even if a LCS-e-mail is received. I can see the case in service hub but I want to see all issues in LCS also, where I can see the total at the customer.
See example at issue 201116005000170.

Please Contact me if you need examples in a document.
Best Regards
Maria Marcelius (maria.marcelius@orango.se)
Needs Votes