In hospitality scenario's it is common for customers to provide tips for good service. The tips is paid in cash, or by adding tips the payment terminal. It is an requirement for many customer to keep track of tips and to make sure they are paid out accordingly. Dynamics 365 do not have any known functionality for handling tips together with payment terminals. This is there for an idea to support this.

Ideas Administrator

Thank you for the suggestion!  We will continue to monitor this request for the product and review for planning. Setting to 'Declined' only as it is not work set in the next two waves of planning; but the idea can still accrue votes and will continue to be considered for future work. 

Additionally, the Payments SDK has the capability to allow tipping as described in the following article:
Support for tipping in the payments SDK - Commerce | Dynamics 365 | Microsoft Learn



This is important for my organization. Our competitors have this functionality and the lack of it is a barrier to acquiring talent for us.

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