When printing reports that have a custom report layout that is configured per record (e.g. different custom "Sales Invoice" report layouts per Customer) the report must be printed per record (eg. per "Sales Invoice Header" record). Otherwise the custom report layout will be ignored.

The users are getting confused by the different layouts being printed when they are printing one or several invoices.

A solution would be (as we've solved it in the past) to change the printing of "sales invoices" (and other reports that's affected by the same scenario) so that it will only print if a single record is being printed (use SetRecFilter) and that the batch printing from the MenuSuite is a new report that is calling the other reports for one record at a time.
But running this solution on SaaS will give us new challenges since we cannot print several reports in one go from the web client (see Idea https://experience.dynamics.com/ideas/idea/?ideaid=596127fd-0b18-e911-9461-0003ff68ee33 ), so that needs to be fixed first.

This is related to Service Request 118120519420149
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Thank you for your feedback. We are considering adding it to our longer term roadmap. 

Your help is greatly appreciated, 
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