The Document Routing Agent (DRA) should support multiple instances of the service on a single machine, should process multiple jobs (to different printers) in parallel, and should run as a service for precision documents.


These are the current design constraints:

  1. The DRA currently runs as a Windows service only for documents that do not have custom margins (aka "precision documents") so this means that all precision documents must be printed through a DRA that is running as an application in a user session on a server.  If the server ever restarts, a user has to go in and manually start the DRA.

  2. Also, the DRA processes print jobs, even those to different printers, in serial, causing delays to print jobs at different locations and different printers.

  3. Additionally, only one instance of the DRA can run on a single server.

The workaround for these constraints is to install a DRA for individual printers or locations on individual servers, and for precision documents, to run them as an application.  This is untenable for customers requiring concurrent printing capabilities for precision documents across tens or hundreds of individual locations.


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Multiple instance would be the feature we need. We have a customer with many D365 environments.
Now we have to install the Document Routing Agent on 6 or more servers.

Other option instead of running multiple instances, could be:
Create the possibility to connect to more environments from 1 DRA instance

Category: Reporting and Analytics


In addition, the fact that running the DRA as a service cannot be a "set it and forget it" service as the Azure authentication tokens expire at 90 days. Therefore the IT admins need to remember to log into the server hosting the DRA, log out, and log in to the DRA. This makes the DRA a very hand-holding type of tool.

Category: Reporting and Analytics