My clients service desk team primarily receive calls, so we expected to change the default Phone Call direction from Outgoing to Incoming to save end users from manually switching the direction to Incoming each time a call is made.

Unfortunately, when the default direction is changed to Incoming it no longer populates the ‘Call From’ field despite the call originating from the Account/Contact timeline. The Phone Call ‘Call To’ is correctly set to the current user and regarding is set to the originating Account/Contact, but not the ‘Call From’ field.

With the default set as Outgoing both the ‘Call To’ and ‘Call From’ fields are populated and permit switching the direction Outgoing/Incoming. I would expect CRM to populate the ‘Call From’ in the same manner when the default was changed to Incoming.

Microsoft support advised this is “the way the system is meant to behave” and to raise an idea post for future update considerations. It feels more of an oversight than an intended behaviour and would welcome others to consider this as something that should be implemented.

Many thanks
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