When a new change is made on a Vendor record who has already been approved, it must be Recalled, which makes sense. However, when you recall the Vendor Record the window clears so you must look the vendor back up in order to resubmit the Vendor through workflow for approval. This creates multiple extra clicks and is time consuming for users who are making address changes multiple times a day and submitting those changes through workflow.
It would be nice if when you clicked the Recall button, the Vendor Maintenance window refreshed with the same Vendor so that you can resubmit the change without requiring all the extra clicks.
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Adding to this, it may be nice to have a Vendor Address workflow. Once you have a vendor with a prior completed workflow, since the address window is a child window of the Vendor card, workflow is not always triggered on the window when you add a new address.

When you open the Vendor Address Maintenance window via the Address button in Vendor Maintenance for a vendor and enter a ‘A’ value for all fields except for US/United States, then my phone numbers were all (100)000-0000 Ext. 000, no other fields were populated. When you then click save on this new address, it didn’t give me any message about Workflow. The status also remained ‘Completed’

Opening the Vendor Address Maintenance window directly (Purchasing > Cards > Addresses), selecting the same vendor and adding a new address the same as above, when you click save on the new address, then you get prompted with a message: “Changes made to this vendor require it to be resubmitted to workflow”

Clicking OK, when you bring up this vendor again, it now has a status of ‘Recalled by’, needing to be submitted through Workflow.

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