Please answer the question, I have to say I am tired of people not answering the question and not putting the problem MS to fix

this is how it needs to work, and MS needs to fix it ! Don't create vendors, or bank accounts. Use the Employee object and employee posting group. I have described how it needs to work. Maybe someone at MS can to work on it as we paid for a product that should work. We should not have to come up with work arounds

Employee buys a train ticket for travel so they will go into a journal an enter the gl expense account, and then the Job information, with the Employee posting group which is set to another GL account for "Employee Expenses", and the balancing account needs to be the employee, not a "bank". This way when you "Pay Employee" you would see their expenses against a project that they should be reimbursed. Give the employee the same status as a bank, credits and debits, and it is a liability as well. Not a vendor, then every employee needs to be a vendor,
The current design logic is flawed. I wish someone from MS would get this solved. MS should be ashamed and should provide a refund because this is a basic function.
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Thank you for this suggestion! Currently this is not on our roadmap. We are tracking this idea and if it gathers more votes and comments we will consider it in the future. Best regards, Business Central Team



It is a frequent scenario that an employee pays out of pocket for an expense that should be included on a Job (project). The company owes the money to the employee, and should create an account payable to reimburse the employee. This would be easy enough to do record on a Job G/L Journal by selecting the Bal. Account Type as Employee, as well as selecting the Job No and Job Task that it belongs to. It would then be included on the Employee Ledger Entries and the Job Ledger Entries. At the same time it would create the liability with the employee, and the employee does not have to be set up as a vendor.

Currently, it is not possible to select Employee on the Bal. Account Type, if you have selected an Account Type=G/L Account, and try to enter a Job No. Please enable this.

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