Hi team,

If we have an ISV package built on a lower version than SBX / UAT environmetn, it is possible to deploy it. However, if we mark it as a release candidate, it will take over the version from this SBX / UAT environment. However, if we have PROD on the same version as the build version of the package, it is not possible to deploy this package on PROD, because the release candidate is on a higher version than the package in the Asset Library. In order to be able to deploy this release candidate on PROD, it is also necessary to deploy a higher version on it. Sometimes it is necessary to deploy ISV even when SBX / UAT is on a higher platform version. Which is not possible at the moment.

It is necessary to be able to deploy ISV package on production environment, when SBX / UAT is on higher platform version. Build version of package should be the one that is important, not version of SBX / UAT where was deployed.