After upgrading from PU28 to PU30, we encountered some regression issues. This could have been avoided.

1. a users' Tile did not work anymore
2. Supplier invoice posting did not work anymore, due to missing setup in a number sequence.
(This process had been working correct since more than a year).

3. in the past, also some favourites where gone (removed on-hand screen)

Similar to the "feature management" workspace, there should be something like an Upgrade Impact analasis workspace.
If Microsoft does some modifications, which could have impact in the user expierience, it would be really helpful if we get a notification in a Test environment, so we could take corrective actions before moving to production.

In the cases above:

1. Broken tile:
A tool which executes (with admin privileges) all the existing user tiles, and report those ones giving an error.

2. number sequence setup
a) the posting proces should have given a hard error, instead of just doing nothing
b) a notification should have been given in advance (in TEST), that extra setup would be necessary after deploying a new PU.

3. missing favourite:
If favourites are set by a user, it just disappears if the linked form does not exist anymore (removed Onhand screen in the past). A notification would be really nice if a favourite button is malfunctioning instead of just removing it

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Category: Lifecycle Services