The workspace "Data validation checklist" is a good feature for planning and distributing system config and business config/ data tasks+status. However, when having workshops with customers or while preparing workshops, it would be great if it was possible to be able to create task directly from the relevant menuitem.

Today one need to do all task creation using the workspace. In practical workshops, one will realize which config/ business data that are relevant while running through the actual menuitems. Instead of lots of clicking and searching up the menu item in the manual task creation process; It would save lot of time and improve usability if users directly from the form in question would be able to create a task.

This new feature could be accessed in the same way as “manage my alerts” through Options button and the user should choose data validation project (defaulted) – and be able to add data like area and legal enity/enties, date and assigned to.
Category: Data Management
Needs Votes