On the CPOS/MPOS once the coupon is applied the coupon code applied should be displayed on the transaction. This will allow the store associate/cashier to view the coupon # attached. Further once the checkout and payment is done the customer receipt should also have the information on the coupon code #

Category: Merchandising
Under Review
Ideas Administrator

The ability to show the coupon codes on the receipt is in progress. However, we are improving the user experience of the user while adding a coupon to the transaction, where a meanigful error will be displayed to the cashier if the coupon cannot be added to the transaction. In all other cases it would be assumed that the coupon has been added. Ideally, the discount name should have some hint about the coupon so that once a discount is applied the cashier can see the corresponding discount name, however, alternatively, if there is no discount applied and the cashier needs to know if the coupon has been applied to the transaction, then they use the remove coupon operation as it displays the list of coupon that are applied to the transaction.