A customer asked me to log this idea for them: in Payroll Quick Entry, they need to search for a particular set of paycodes each week (weekly payroll) to change the codes from how they were imported into CPY originally from Wennsoft/Key2Act Time Track.

Right now, there is no sort by paycode option so she needs a supplementary report to list all occurrences of these paycodes in a given batch to edit the records before processing payroll. The risk of missing them is high.

The background - if relevant - Key2Act does not allow banked paycodes on jobs, because that's not a valid US Payroll paycode type. However, in timesheet entry, employees are allowed to bank overtime. Special paycodes were created just for timesheet entry to jobs to get the cost allocated to the job, and payroll then flips the codes to the proper "banked" paycode during payroll so the amounts don't get added to the paycheque.

(Side note: I think sorting by paycode could be useful for many other scenarios including verifying overtime or special use codes in many customer sites!)
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