When a new user is first added to Dynamics 365 and Workflow is enabled to the company, there is an extremely purposeful step that needs to be done.  For any user that wants to receive workflow notifications via email, this boolean flag needs to be on otherwise they will not get emails as expected.


Why is this parameter not set to "Yes" by default?  Given that the business world is very email centric, wouldn't a default of Yes make more sense?  Having this set as no, and ensuring a system administrator sets this to Yes for all new users seems to be a drain of time on multiple users in the system:

- The System Administrator to ensure this is set upon new user setup

- The participants in the workflow (the one waiting on approval, and the individual who requires to approve the business document).  Without email notifications, one party could be waiting for a while, while the other will be unaware that a document requires approval.

- IT support to troubleshoot why workflow participants are not getting emails


To recap, the suggestion is to ensure that the User Options setting to receive workflow notifications is set to Yes by default instead of No upon User creation.
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This is required for us as well, at least a generic parameter or a setut in the import wizard.

Category: System administration