I have seen an other idea here which suggests that you should not have to use code to create dynamic content. I agree, we need this to be more user friendly. I would like to add that, based on some recent requirements I have had, it would be good to be able to set the visibility conditions, through the UI, but also referencing other parent and child relationships of the contact. Currently I can achieve this but have to use nested IF conditions within an #each loop to query attributes on child records of the contact.

The idea is that I can use a similar query builder to the segment query editor or advanced find to build complex conditions which traverse relationships, and include any custom entities also sync'd to the Marketing-insights service.

E.g. Show this content block only if the Contact has one or more Memberships (custom table) where the Membership status = "Active Membership".

Or Show this content block only if the Contact has one or more Event Registrations which link to an Event where the Event status was set to "postponed"

Or Show this content block only if the Contact has a Parent Application record (custom table) where the related subject (lookup) is set as "Maths and Physics"
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Thank you for your feedback.

This is a great suggestion! Some of this functionality will soon be released in preview. Please check it out and give us feedback.

Win customer attention by creating conditional dynamic content with easy-to-use no-code experiences - Dynamics 365 Release Plan | Microsoft Docs



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You mean something like:

Should be in the release wave 1 2021 releases though haven't read anything about it recently

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