Customer has SharePoint integration setup and the files are storage there, so when customer wants to open a PDF file thru the Dyn 365 mobile application it shows two options, open with PDF reader of Drive and Chrome

If they Select PDF reader of Drive the systems try to open the file but got an error “Cannot display pdf (Filename.pdf is of invalid format)”

If use Chrome it download the file and then they need to find the file to open it and opens correctly.

Using directly the URL in the tablet or phone and then try to open the file is opened not asking any option immediately select adobe

Using iOS they don’t have any problem using the Dyn 365 CE phone or tablet using version 13.22042.29

We got the answer:

Google Drive doesn't support Sharepoint direct links as they require authentication.

Please use Chrome

We ask you to consider a friendly process to view PDF that has been stored in Sharepoint Integration using Mobile Apps in Android.