When using the Payment Reconciliation Journal and selecting the Post Payments and Reconcile Bank account function, payments get applied and the bank ledger entries are reconciled, removing the "Open" status in the bank ledger entries. Furthermore, an entry gets added to the Bank Account Statements List just like if you were to post from the Auto Bank Reconciliation. However, if you "Undo" a Bank Account Statement added by Payment Reconciliation, the bank ledger entries stay reconciled, leaving the ledger entries as closed.

This means I can't fix any reconciliation mistakes that happen when reconciling the bank from Payment Reconciliation. This is unlike undoing a Auto Bank Reconciliation where the bank ledger entries become un-reconciled again and I can fix any reconciliation issues.

We need the ability to Undo a Bank Account Statement posted by Payment Reconciliation that un-reconciles the bank ledger entries, just like you can do with a Auto Bank Reconciliation.
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Was fixed for Wave 1, 2022



I have at least 2 customer needing this feature.

Category: Financial Management