I have been waiting for this a very long time. We need the ability to trigger a D365 Data Export Package that has an Azure SQL Destination from either Flow, Logic Apps and or API. This will allow integrations to leverage the performance benefits DMF with the flexibility of ondemand programmatic triggered exports. Currently ondemand data is restricted to Odata (which we all know is not effeciant method for large data extracts)

Category: Data Management
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Thanks for sharing this idea. As you are probably aware, BYOD scenarios are being moved over to Azure Data Lake using Data Feeds. This capability will ensure F&O data is always available within 10 mins in the Lake and there by not requiring any export jobs to be scheduled. The system will manage the export in near real time all by itself. Please note that, Data feeds is a new export service which does not use DIXF components at all. Hence, we are declining this idea and hope you would agree. Thanks again.