This is about Software Engineers understanding the "Logical Function" similarities, versus the "Physical appearance and Nomenclature" differences.

That "Project Functionality" is just a more complex form of "Field Service". That resources need to be Planned, Scheduled, Costed, Charged for both of these, and the resources are not just Labour and Materials. The full suite of resources also includes Equipment, and Third Party Services. (LEMS) Labour, Equipment, Materials & Services.

So a Field Service Job may not only be Maintenance. (sending someone out to fix an HVAC etc.) It can also be sending someone out to Dig a Trench, Move Materials etc. Where both "Labour and Equipment" need to be used, and charged. (still the same Logical Work Management processes with additional identified resources.)

This would apply all the way through the Projects Module, as well as the Field Service Service Module.

Come on now, and give Civil Contractors and Heavy Equipment Services providers a break!!! All the tools are already there, they just seem to have forgot about a couple of resources required to do different kinds of Work.

I looked over abour 2,000 reviews of MS Dynamic 365 and not one did I see from a Civil or Construction Contractor, or an Equipment Services provider. Yet the needed functionality is So Close.
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Are you referring to crew scheduling? RSO does not currently support crew scheduling. However, scheduling assistant does. This would allow you to schedule a resource and equipment. Resource crew scheduling in Dynamics 365 Field Service | Microsoft Docs


- Field Service PM team