We need to have a way to define number sequence to contractors which is different than employees.
Would be good to have a standard option capability with the existing personnel number sequence.

Or an alternative solution is add the capability to custom fields to have a number sequence linked to it.
This would give a lot of flexibility to customers to be able to define number sequences needed for many business scenarios.
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I support the idea to create functionality to have NUMBER SEQUENCES ON CUSTOM FIELDS.
A typical use case I encounter a lot: a delta interface is needed to a payroll system (not Ceridian) and since rehires for the payroll system require a new unique ID of the worker, the personnel number cannot be used as unique ID for payroll. More logical to use a field "employmentID" which does not exist so can be created as custom field. But when no number sequence with all the usual options in its setup, you can get duplicates.

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