When we export a Report to Excel, it cannot calculate or sum columns containing dollar values.

Cause: An invisible character stored between the $ sign and the first number.

How to detect the cause: You can detect the character by following my steps outlined below. Basically you count the number of arrow keys it takes to go between the $ and the first number in Microsoft Word.

1. Export the Report containing dollar values from CRM to Excel.
2. Save the Excel document.
3. Copy and paste the entire column you want to calculate into Notepad (to remove formatting and cells).
4. Copy and paste from Notepad to Microsoft Word.
5. In Word, select the $ sign of one of the values, and then hold down Shift key and press the right arrow key once to select the invisible character between the dollar sign and first number.
6. Copy it.
7. Go to Find & Replace, and paste it in the Find field.
8. In the Replace field, put just a $ sign (no spaces).
9. Replace All.
10. Copy and paste the values back into Excel, and do the calculations you need to do.

Please improve this functionality so the user doesn’t have to use Advanced Find instead, or have to follow these steps. Basically, make sure users can export a report to Excel, and sum the column.