We started using the feature 'Configure specific ER destinations to be used for different PM actions' and 'Route output of PM reports based on ER destinations that are user action specific (wave 1)'.

The problem is that in some of the referenced reports in Wave 1, not all user actions are available. Our main issue is situated in the Collection letter notes: only print is available in the collection letter journal. Also the project invoice form is affected.

The business impact of this issue is that we are forced to use print as a trigger to send the document by e-mail to the customer and combining it with printing it op the screen. Since this is our only option, there is no other way op previewing/reviewing the document without mailing it again. An added inconvenience is that print is the default action when posting, so there is no option to preview.

We would like to use the same setup as can be found in the Free Text Invoice form under Invoice->Document where View/Print/Send are configurable options.