With the "EDIT" button in the printer set up screen I have three ways to let the system find an email to send a Purchase order to a vendor. But the most logical way, what the user expects, using the email on the contact that is linked to the Purchase order, is not available. Because the email address of the contact chosen on the PO header is copied to the PO header, the user is perplexed to find out that this email is not the one the Purchase order is sent to unless this same email is defined again in the contact info of the Vendor. I suggest a fourth way to email is added under the EDIT button of the print set up of a Purchase order, being 'Use the contact email address".
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I totally agree with the option.

The contact email in the PO header is not used in the print management settings therefore many times the user seems to find it difficult to email the PO to the contact on the purchase order.

This will be a very useful feature.

Category: Procurement and sourcing