Hi MC BC Idea manager,

BC offers the possibility of adding the payment batch and importing the bank statement during posting the Bank/Giro Journal. Those are nice features.

Now in practice a payment batch has normally a lot of lines, besides the other lines of the bank statement such as the receipts. All payment batch lines are placed 1:1 in the Bank Giro Journal. Thus a payment batch of 50 lines (is a normal quantity for our customers), results in 50 (!) lines in your Bank/Giro Journal.

This results in unnecessarily many lines in the Bank/Giro Journal to process and is absolutely time consuming to reconcile/post the Bank/Giro Journal.

It will be a great improvement (and this is also common in many other Dutch software packages) that the payment batch does not show all the lines in the Bank/Giro Journal, but 1 total line with the total amount.

BC already has all the data for reconciliation the payment batch lines. These are in the payment batch which has been created earlier in the payment process.

In this case, the BC user only has to concentrate on the lines in the Bank/Giro Journal that were not in the payment batch, such as the receipt amounts and any separate payments.

See below the test steps and suggested solution.

Thanks for helping us to do better business!

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---------------- steps below and suggested solutions ----------------


1.     Create a payment batch via the page ‘Telebank – Bank Overview'

2.     The payment batch is processed and is visible in the Payment History list

3.     In my test I only have 6 lines

4.     After exporting the batch; this batch is available to insert in the Bank/Giro Journal

5.    After inserting the payment batch into the Bank /Giro Journal; the same 6 lines are visible in the lines.

As said; in practice it could be 50 lines of more. Most of the Dutch software packages have the functionality to limit to 1 line in the Bank/Giro. Our new customer was unpleasant surprised  with the 1:1 import functionality in BC; because he was familiar with the above-mentioned functionality of 1 line payment batch in his old software package.

Suggested solution:

Please, make on the page ‘Bank account’ an new field: ‘Sepa batch posting’ (tick box). In the case this box is active and the payment batch is inserted in the Bank/Giro Journal, BC will import only 1 total payment line with the total amount of the payments. The reconciliation of these underlying lines are done in the background with the detail data of the belonged payment batch.

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