We need to be able to import sales invoices into the system using an xl file. There is no Edit in Excel on the invoice entry screen. I would like this added to the screen to enable easy import and edit of sales invoices.

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Yes, this is basically the same for AP and AR. Import of these documents is a very well used feature in the competing products we sell. The Office integration message with BC is giving traction to BC in demos but is falling short of expectations in the product at the moment. Edit in XL should be a basic function available in every data entry screen and I am sure is your goal.

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Hi Phil,

Thanks for the recommendation. This feedback looks similar to your request on the purchase invoices. If we add this functionality to the purchase invoices, we'll also make sure we do the same for sales invoices. But any additional detail you can provide on the scenario would be helpful for us in designing the functionality to fit what you are looking for.


Jared Hall


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