Once a field worker has completed a work order and its status changes to Open - Completed, no one should be able to move the work order to another resource or time.

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Thank you for your feedback.

While we agree that, in general, there are few reasons to move a booking after it has been completed, when considering all possible scenarios, we do think that there are some scenarios where this makes a lot of sense. As such, we are declining this idea.

However, for organizations that want to limit this, behavior, we think that is a very valid possiblity for specific organizations and they should feel encouraged to limit such changes based on the Bookign Status or underlying Field Service Status.

Jason Cohen
PM, Dynamics 365 Field Service



I think it is meant as follows: you can still go the the Schedule Board and manually drag & drop a completed (or 'in progress' work order) to a different engineer, without any warnings. We solved this now by using a booking rule to prevent users to manually reschedule a work order in status > scheduled.

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 Thanks Salla for the feedback, system should behave this way already, system(resource scheduling optimization) will not automatically move completed work order to other time or resource if you set 'Completed' booking status as 'Do Not Optimize'. with this setting, are you seeing any issue ? 

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