Wish there is an option to easily visualize and identify customer sales order item sales discount allocation into multiple lines for purpose to easily visualize and comply with IFRS15 and ASC 606. on customer projects and customer sales orders.


Item1 unit sales price 50

Item2 unit sales price 25

Item3 unit sales price 30

However if item1 and item 3 bought together, then item sale for 22.

Efficient application of customer sales discount is highly suggested, preferred and/or in compliance with IFRS and ASC 606 revenue recognition.

Ideas Administrator

Thank you very much for your input. We do support insight into multi line discounts. For each sales order line, it is currently possible to identify the multi line discount applied to the individual sales orderline. The multi line discount is in SCM Sales the discount which is calculated and applied accross multiple sales order lines. 



REMARK; Alternative conventional discount allocation calculation and setups maybe at first hand suggested, however featuring a visibility to comply with revenue recognition rules for purpose of audit and management, maybe optimum ideal.

Example: Forbes, government, (e.g. train transportation building, construction or asset equipment building, retail discounts, or other).

Category: Sales and marketing