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Account is one unique entity that allows all related activities to be rolled up to the Account; however, current sub-grid activity in Account form for CRM 2011 only shows activities that were created in Account (regarding).

It would be great if this feature can be implemented in the next release so that customers can see all of their activities rolled up under Account.

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 Thank you for your feedback. This is a great suggestion! We will consider this in our roadmap. Alternatively, Activity wall provides you the same capability




PM, Microsoft 

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  • Is there a reason why this isn't getting done?  I have no idea why it would take this long. 

  • Is there any further word on when this will be added?  Is there a workaround that does not require custom coding? 

  • Not sure how this one is marked as resolved. In CRM 2015 you still cannot show the "Open Activity Associated View" on an Account or Contact form. If anyone knows a way around this, or if it has been fixed and I'm just not seeing it, please let me know.
  • Any update on this?
  • To be truly XRM capable, we lack customization capabilities on the RollupRequest message and ActivityPointers.

    In different customer engagements, we share the same feeling that these two platform concepts are non-extensible or non-customizable, probably with good reasons (taking performance as one of them).
    But in the end, if you would like to build your own application line into the XRM platform, the limitations on extensibility do create a drawback.

    1) Activities(pointer) - not possible to:
    a. Add a field
    b. Change icons
    c. Attach custom logic on other platform messages then Retrieve and RetrieveMultiple
    d. Disable unused activities (eg. Fax)
    e. …


    2) Rollup Activities (NOT related to Rollup or Calculated Fields - http://survivingcrm.com/2011/06/crm-2011-subgrids-aint-what-associated-views-used-to-be/ )– not possible to:
    a. Attach custom logic onto this message
    b. Add or Remove Supported/Target entities (possibly related to the lack of not having a Customer lookup related) for building or adding your custom XRM logic.

  • This has been one of the key drawbacks since we switched to CRM on 3.0. We are very satisfied, but if this could be resolved to go deeper when pulling the activities (pulling from custom entities, not just OOTB entities such as opportunity, case, etc.) without having to rely on third party solutions or custom workarounds. We ended up paying for a third party solution, but admin became too costly. Something available out of the box would be very nice.

    Essentially, if there pull activities associated with custom child related entities found under an Account.
  • Any update to this? The newsfeed in 2013 doesn't solve this either.
  • This limitation makes the Activity Sub-Grid not only confusing to users but also a potential liability in terms of supplying users with incomplete data.
  • Any feedback on this feedback would be useful from Microsoft. What is or was the outcome of the consideration on this useful suggestion? Tx
  • Would the next major release be in November (the delayed UR9)?