In service update 10.0.17, a feature was added named 'Enable creation of a vendor invoice journal when discarding a freight bill', which is enabled by default.

Previously, discarding a freight estimate did two things. First it would create a vendor invoice journal, which isn't needed. Second it would update the associated PO lines to reflect the discarded estimates by creating negative charges to reverse the estimate, which is needed.

The update changes both of these features though. It prevents the vendor invoice journal creation, which is good, but it also prevented the PO line charge update, which is bad because then inventory value is overstated. When it is sold, COGS is also overstated, reducing profit.

Microsoft has agreed to look at fixing this in a future deliverable to only prevent creating the vendor invoice journal but continue to update the PO line charge. The feature is not of any use since it will cause problems with a company's income statement. The Idea is to separate those two functions, so vendor invoice journals won't be created but PO line charges will still be updated.