We are currently implementing Dynamics 365 for Operations to one of our client, and we are using case management for many procurement purposes.

We intend to use the questionnaire feature available in the case management to be able to inform about the situation handled by the case. The purpose is for the requester (the person that opened the case) to give useful information to the people responsible to solve the case.

In the questionnaire feature in the case, you can open it and fill it in. Once it's closed, the questionnaire is saved and closed, but you can't go back to your answers. If you open again the questionnaire, it just gives you another blank one.

Here is what I imagined :

- Open a new questionnaire

- Fill it in

- When finished, having the choice between "save" and "post it for evaluation/storage"

- Save function : Keeps in memory the answers you gave, so you can come back to it, but don't post it to evaluation or reporting.

- Post function : Post it for evaluation or storage, so another blank questionnaire can be opened.


In our case, the improvement could be very useful, because the information given by the case creator can be false or not complete, so he would need to come back to it and correct it. Also it allows a dynamic follow-up on the answers given, more useful than the classic answers SSRS reports you can find in the questionnaire module.