Currently in the recurring general journal when you have 2 journal entries (1st inside the G/L setup Allow posting from/to dates and the 2nd outside of the G/L setup from/to dates) when you click post it gives the message "all journal entries have been posted". This is not true. Only the journal entries with dates inside the Allow posting from/to dates posted to the general ledger and the other did not. This is misleading in thinking both entries posted. An error message saying "Posting dates are outside of allowed dates" would be much more clear.
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To complement on Carlie’s post, please find below the detailed repro steps of this process:

1. Go to general ledger setup and assign general ledger posting to and from = 12/1/2019..12/31/2019
2. Go to the recurring general journal in business central and create BOTH transactions below
a. Create journal lines with posting date = 11/15/2019 (these are outside of gen ledger posting to/from dates)
b. Create journal lines with posting date = 12/15/2019 (these are within gen ledger posting to/from dates)
i. When I hit POST it says journal lines were successfully posted when in fact only the 12/15/2019 dates were posted to the general ledger and the 11/15/2019 was not.
ii. It is correct that the 11/15/2019 should not post but it is misleading how it says “journal lines were successfully posted”
iii. If I create journal lines with only 11/15/2019 as the posting date it says “nothing to post” if you try to post.

The message should differentiate and specify that 2 lines were posted and 2 lines were not posted. Currently, the message generalize stating that "The lines were successfully posted" when actually 2 of them were not.

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