THe new feature Quality order for whs processes is a great initiative but it contains one big mistake.
Sample testing is misconceived seriously. When I test 10 EA of a total lot of 100 EA I decide what to do with the entire 100 EA.
A sample symbolizes the total lot. With this feature, the quantity being tested via a quality order, those 10 EA, are the only ones going to a reject location if I have a failed test.
THe other 90 EA , using the license plate, are going to the normal put away location. That is 100% wrong.
So we can only use this new feature when we do a 100% sample or we use the license plate frequency counter.
This is rather shocking. It has to be changed. Few customers use a 100% sampling.
Needs Votes



Any feedback from Microsoft so far, I am experiencing the same issue for customer.

Category: Warehouse Management