In platform update 6 it is possible to import lines into a general journal, but it is only possible to import main account and not financial dimension values that must be included before the journal can be posted. 

Customization are described by Microsoft, but instead of making the customization, I will prefer that the functionality are included in the standard solution. 

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Hello, thank you for the suggestion. This is definitely in our goal to allow this without having to do a customization. We are working on a technical approach. Please watch our roadmap site for details. I appreciate the feedback.                 Sincerely, April




At present the functionality to import financial dimension is available in the standard system by setting up Financial Dimension configuration for integrating application in the General Ledger module.

Hi Administrator,

Please review the same and if it is completed then please update the status of this idea/post.

Category: General Ledger


In platform update 4 as well , it is possible to import lines into gj by setting up  Financial dimension configuration for integrating application in system . Make the template as active and import via excel.


Category: General Ledger