We have CRM online and O365. We installed the Dynamics CRM App for Outlook Preview, but it does not appear to be working. When we click on the Dynamics CRM link in the App Bar in Outlook, it tries to authenticate us and fails. We are using Single Sign On with our corporate AD (which may make a difference).

After I enter my email address in the credential window, it redirects for the SSO, and opens IE and tries to reach the following site. https://port.crm.dynamics.com/G/CrmMailApp/index.html (there is a lot of parameters that I have excluded). This URL never resolves, and as a result, the product never functions in CRM.

I also tried this on a CRM / O365 demo site that is not using SSO, and had the same experience. Is this a configuration issue, or a bug in the product?


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