In Wave 1, 2021 the Dimension Correction functionality was introduced (very happy for that addition). However corrections only affect the G/L Entries not the related entries such as vendor ledger entries, customer ledger entries, item ledger entries, FA entries etc.

Consequently if you change dimensions on G/l entries which are posted via a purchase invoice the financial reporting will be inconsistent and dependent on whether reporting is based on g/l or vendor ledger entries / posted purchase document.

I propose that the dimension correction function is expanded so all dependent posting transactions are corrected as well, so that no inconsistencies in data can occur between modules in the system.
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Thanks for your suggestion.

Indeed it would be ideal to have all ledgers corrected when you do dimension correction. We focuses on enabling correct financial reporting for Wave 1, 202, hence on G/L.
We have the 'all ledgers' idea in our backlog and will consider it for a future release.
Meanwhile, I would suggest you to check out AppSource for apps that do offer more extensive dimension correction solutions. They might cover your requirements.

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Brian Nielsen, Program Manager
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This is a great idea! It should be considered ASAP as this is valuable to provide to the auditors, never mind account analysis/reconciliation. The ability to change it in the G/L was great, but it only got us halfway there. We're now left with the supporting module/schedule not agreeing to the General Ledger. I would even add that it would be nice to do the same from the other ledger entries and have it flow back up to the G/L.

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