Dual Write should support the renaming of the FSCM unique record key. However, Dual Write does not sync the changes in the unique key field from FSCM to the Power Platform. This leads to data duplication and data inconsistency.

For example, if you rename the Customer Account Number, this change will not be synced to the Power Platform. After that, if you update any other field in the customer record, you will get a duplicate account record in the Power Platform.

I am sure that the Dual Write should cover this misbehavior.
Category: Data Management
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The idea of Dual Write is to sync, but in this instance it will create diverging duplicates, Create record 10 in FO and you have record 10 in CE, rename it to 11 in FO and then edit it and it creates a new record 11 in CE, then edit 10 in CE and you have 10 in FO. Double duplication. I presume this is what you mean Valery, it is on my list to test!

Category: Data Management