Ability to restrict user access to “Edit in Excel” functionality – i.e. a user with D365 ACC. PAYABLE needs to be able to create new vendors/edit vendors in the application from the vendor list page, but may/may not need access to edit the entire vendor list by default.  Permission to access this function should be segregated for data integrity purposes.   Since there is no other way to manipulate data in Excel, there is a risk to a user leveraging “Edit in Excel” to extract data for analysis, and that user then has access to update that entire vendor record list. 

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 Thank you for reaching out. Your suggestion seems to be related to existing functionality. Please reach out to Business Central Community Forum to ask questions 

Please, note that there is already a permission set called EXCEL EXPORT ACTION to control which user can export to Excel. Furthermore, you can use the Security Filter capability to restrict user access to a given subset of a table (E.g. grant user permission to ready only customers that have a determined Salesperson Code)



Tomás Navarro 

PM, Microsoft