We have the situation that some users use the scaling feature of the warehouse mobile app, because they have poor eyesight.
The bigger scale causing that the OK-Button (green button) is not visible on put confirm screen and the use allays have to scroll down to confirm the put step.
Also on other dialogs on the warehouse mobile app, where a lot of data is displayed the user have to scroll down to confirm the step by clicking the OK-Button (green button). On example is license plate receiving, when you receive a container with lot of items in it.

The idea is to always pin the OK-Button (green button) to the bottom of the screen in case the button is visible. This would always show the OK-Button (green button) at the bottom of the screen and the user only scrolls the “real” content of the screen.
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Thank you for the feedback. The following feature was added with version of the app to accomodate this idea:

- On read-only pages, added a down-arrow button to automatically scroll to bottom of the page



Has any changes been made to this? I am facing a customization to the app wit the client I am on now. The app looks nice but it is not very flexible nor customizable.

The green button and all fields need to fit on most scan gun screens.

Location, qty, item green button always should fit. Warehouse workers should not have to scroll.

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Would also like to see the buttons change for cycle counting. A choice between a tick and a squiggly arrow - which does what?!? Replace the squiggly arrow with a + (plus) for "add item" maybe?

The whole UI needs a general overhaul IMHO

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