In most companies, managers can request or assign employees to positions that are under their report only. I'm suggesting a new parameter to control this process and restrict managers to see and assign all the positions that are open in the system at the time they are using manager self service. This restriction will help managers to see clearly how many open positions they can assign and also to protect open positions that belong to other business areas (potential security breach) Example 1. This is an example of "Request new employee" process where the manager can select any open position from the dropdown list. The manager may not have any open position under their report however she can still select any open position across the organization breaking the position hierarchy. 2. Current parameter "View open positions" is very useful because shows to the managers how many open positions they have on the dashboard however this parameter doesn't restrict the access to other open positions when they request a new employee. 3. Suggested new parameter "Assign open positions". This parameter will allow organisations to set up if managers can assign positions to "Direct reports only", "Extended reports", "Both", "None" or "All" (current behaviour)

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Any update on this? Also, a similar requirement exists on D365 Fin Ops HR module. Is there any solution available for it there?


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