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Category: Product information management

Manufacturers and supply chains need the ability to revise products and product variants, 01, 02, A, B, C, etc., for procured and manufactured products, then plan, procure, produce, cost, transact, and stock by revision.

A good solution might be to create an additional product variant dimension called Revision, where the revisions could be stored and tracked through D365 for Operations during the planning, procurement, production, costing and stocking of products by revision.

Please, make this a core capability, rather than an ISV solution.

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Thank you for your feedback. This is a great suggestion! We will consider this in our roadmap long term roadmap. 


Johan Hoffmann

PM, Microsoft 

Comments (4)
  • Item Revisions are mandatory in order to treat an Item as a like item for Demand Planning. Order entry, production planning and inventory management are just two areas where revision tracking is required.
  • Great Idea! In past we used production dimension configuration for Revision.
  • Treating the rev as product dimension may not be optimal for may organizations. It is often the case that customers do not require or care about a specific revision but product dimensions are required at order entry. I think it would have to be a special type of product dimension which would only be required on physical update. The option to make it mandatory on order entry would be nice too. 

  • I would add we need workflow approval of the revision changes. The existing Product Change Case is a start but doesn't have the controls in place.  Today, there is no ISV that supports revision change control in D365.